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With a full line of automotive products including lubricants, fuel additives, brake cleaners and specialty products, Cyclo offers solutions to professionals around the world. The Cyclo brand was first launched in 1959. After success in the United States, the brand expanded to Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Today, the Cyclo brand is offered in over 86 countries around the world. The Cyclo line includes the top selling lubricant, Breakaway. Breakaway is a fast penetrating oil that is used by professionals for the toughest jobs. In 2014, The Lubricant Experts line was launched, featuring Breakaway as the lead product. The portfolio also includes top performing lubricant products, such as LiquiShield and Z Lube. In 2014, Cyclo re launched Max 44, a fuel additive that is proven to improve gas mileage up to 15%. Max 44 is also tested to restore lost power to engines.

Rain Dance is committed to giving all car owners a long-lasting car care line. Cyclo Industries purchased the Rain Dance brand from Clorox Corporation. In 2014, two new products Fog Free and Rain Repel were introduced to the Rain Dance line. In 2015, a premium long-lasting Rain Dance Wash & Wax solution was launched.

Tanner’s Preserve is the vehicle manufacturers’ trusted choice in leather care. Cyclo Industries acquired Tanner’s Preserve Leather Care from Clorox Corporation in 2003.

The No. 7 brand includes a portfolio of automotive car washes, waxes, and polishes. Cyclo Industries purchased No. 7 from Clorox Corporation in 2000.

Rally is a globally recognized car wax brand. Cyclo Industries purchased Rally from Clorox Corporation in 2000.

The longest lasting air fresheners for your vehicle or home. Available in an assortment of scents and sizes.

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